About Lori Sudler Photography


I came by this profession honestly. My dad was a professional photographer for years and is now a passionate high school photography teacher. I always had a camera, I always had someone to give me advice, and I was always challenging myself to impress my Dad. I also have a Mom who has always believed in me and anything I have ever tried to do. So thanks Mom and Dad because there would be none of this without the two of you.

My professional photography career started quite by accident with Spell It Out, an alphabet art company. My husband and I lived in Chicago and were moving back to Columbus, OH and I wanted to create something sentimental of our days in Chicago. I decided to photograph the letters of our last name from signs and buildings that had meaning to us. After much urging from friends and family Spell It Out was born and now there are over 1,000 letters to choose from.

Soon Spell It Out customers were asking me if I had any art photography for sale, so I created iShutter2Think.  I love capturing special moments, not always extraordinary moments, just a picture of something that no one else will take. I am also drawn to symmetry and often I don't even realize the symmetry within a shot until I see the actual picture. So iShutter2Think has given me a place to showcase all my crazy symmetrical moments ;-> 

Now I am beginning the next chapter of my career by offering family photography and event photography in my area. This is something I have done for close friends and family for several years and it is time to take it to the next level. I take a journalistic approach to family and event photos by taking a background seat and photographing a family doing something they love. This technique offers a candid look at a family you can't get any other way. Now this doesn't mean I won't take posed shots but I like the posing to be relaxed and fun. Many are surprised how much it shows in the pictures.